House Renovations...


The house was originally built for the Eagleville Woolen Mill Circa 1860. It was extended over time and appears to have been updated in the late 19th century.

We saw great potential to create a home for the 21st century lifestyle, while retaining the historical charm and unique serenity. We understood that would require careful planning, significant investment (>$325,000) and time.

Renovation Stages...


"Measure twice. Cut once."

Four months of planning included measuring all aspects, creating floor plans, building a model, carefully weighing "must haves" vs. "wants", choosing a qualified builder, budgeting, creating professional drawings, obtaining structural certification from a professional engineer and obtaining a building permit.

Key issues we faced...

  • Retaining an "old home" ambiance while updating

  • Opening the views toward the gardens and river

  • Only one full bath

  • Tiny kitchen

  • Very narrow hallway

  • Outdated heating systems

  • No cooling

  • Lack of insulation (6 foot icicles)

  • Limited visibility toward the river

  • Moisture (snow, ice rain) pooling too close to foundation

Gutting and Stabilization

The home is a post and beam structure. Most of the house (present day kitchen, powder room, laundry,  family room, dining room, master bedroom...) were gutted to the studs, floor joists and roof rafters.

  • Sill beams were repaired along the North and East walls.

  • Posts were underpinned to eliminate floor "trampolining".

  • An engineered, wooden beam was added between the family room and the dining room (walls were removed to eliminate very narrow hallway).

  • Beam was added above the kitchen sink and a new post was installed to support it.

  • Master bedroom roof rafters were replaced to meet current building code (do you really want to sleep under a slate roof and 10" of wet snow without knowing how strong the roof is?).

  • Kitchen roof rafters were "tied" to strengthen.

  • Rear porch was added to move roof moisture away from the house foundation. Aluminum, standing seam roof was added above the porch.

  • Two brick chimneys, a major, brick fireplace and rear staircase were removed.

  • Two distinct basements were connected to free up space for the powder room (old stairs underneath).


  • 29 Andersen windows and 1 Andersen sliding door were added.

  • Insulation was added to walls, rafters and attic.

  • New, oil-fired, hot water boiler was installed

  • Air exchanger was installed above the laundry room

  • New A/C compressor installed.

  • Hot water, radiant, under-floor heating was installed under the kitchen, laundry, hall and powder rooms (tiled areas) as well as under the newer full bath.

  • Ducts were installed to the kitchen, family room, dining room, laundry room and master bedroom for forced, hot air and cooling.

  • New hot water heater installed.

  • All new wiring and plumbing added to the kitchen, laundry, powder room family room, dining room, master bedroom and newer full bath. Wiring was updated in the two guest bedrooms (braided wire was replaced).

  • Large dormer was added to the rear of the master bedroom.

  • LED ceiling pocket lights were added to the kitchen, rear hall, family room, dining room, master bedroom and newer full bath.

  • 19 new lighting fixtures were installed.

  • Hard-wired (battery backup) heat, smoke and carbon dioxide alarms were installed.

  • Moisture barriers were added beneath the kitchen (on slab) and rear of basement.

  • Old wallpaper was removed and all interior walls, ceilings and trim were painted.

  • New, poplar baseboards (5.5") and casement trim was installed in the kitchen, laundry room, powder room, dining/family room, master bedroom and new full bath.


Kitchen...approx 20' 7" X 16' 8"

  • Totally gutted to the studs, rafters and cement slab and then rebuilt.

  • Wood stove, brick chimney and two electric space heaters removed.

  • Ducts installed to provide forced air cooling and heating.

  • All new wiring and plumbing.

  • Rafter ties added and covered with beadboard.

  • Rear windows expanded and twinned.

  • Front windows added (two became four)

  • Moisture barrier and and new floor joists built. New sub-flooring built.

  • Radiant heating "PEX" installed.

  • Room squared and floors leveled.

  • 24" X 16" ceramic floor tiles installed

  • New, "ledge and brace", Dutch door and hardware installed.

  • Custom, solid maple, off-white "Candlelight" cabinets were installed.

  • Cast, pewter door and drawer handles installed.

  • Custom 69" X 56" "Candlelight" kitchen island was installed.

  • Stainless steel prep sink added to island.

  • Granite countertops.

  • Hand-made, subway tiled, backsplash installed.

  • 31" Bosch, induction cook top and Bosch exhaust with "Candlelight" hood.

  • Bosch Dishwasher

  • Whirlpool stainless steel wall oven/microwave built in.

  • Whirlpool stainless steel, counter-depth refrigerator built in.

  • Stainless steel double sink installed.

  • Rohl chrome faucets added to both sinks

  • Two new "Hubbardton Forge" pendant lights installed above the island..

Powder Room... approx 8' 9" x 7' 9" (WIDEST POINTS)

  • Built over former basement stairs.

  • New framing and drywall.

  • Integrates new cleaning supply cupboard.

  • Radiant floor heating and forced air duct added.

  • New floor joists, sub flooring and 24" X 16" ceramic floor tiles.

  • New "Candlelight" custom vanity to match kitchen cabinets.

  • Granite vanity top to match kitchen.

  • Kohler sink, Kohler toilet and Sigma faucets added.

  • New, exhaust fan/light added.

  • New wall sconces installed.


Laundry Room... approx 7' 11" x5' 6"

  • New framing and drywall.

  • New "Classic" cabinets and fiberglass laundry sink added.

  • Laminate countertop with integrated backsplash.

  • Kohler faucet.

  • Clothing rods installed.

  • 24" X 16" ceramic floor tiles.

  • New washer and dryer (and dryer vent).

  • Added forced air vent and new, ceiling lighting fixture.


Dining Room... approx 19' 1" x 7' 11"

Family Room... approx 19' 1" x 16' 2"

(total room approx 24' 1" X 19' 1")

  • Formerly a tiny kitchen, powder room, dining room and narrow hallway.

  • Entire space gutted, rebuilt on existing floor joists and insulated.

  • Hallway walls removed and engineered wood beam installed'

  • Supporting posts underpinned in basement.

  • Large, brick fireplace, chimney and rear staircase to the MBR removed (this added almost 4' to the family room length).

  • New drywall, beadboard ceiling and crown molding installed.

  • New, 5" distressed, engineered maple, "Mirage" floors installed ($10,15/sq ft plus tax plus installation)

  • New forced air ducts and air return vents.

  • Opening to the front hall substantially widened.

  • Door to front porch removed and all windows placed in parallel.

  • New, Andersen, sliding door to the rear porch.

  • New, "Hubbardton Forge" chandelier installed. 

  • New, wooden curtain rods and curtains installed.


Front Hall... approx 28' 6" x 7' 9" (WIDEST POINTS)

  • Removed ceiling arch and built-in china cabinet.

  • Removed door to dining room and widened side hall doorway to 42"

  • restored baseboards.

  • Sanded, stained and sealed floor.

  • Built display shelving to replace closet. Trimmed to match Greek Revival.

  • Widened openings to living room to 61". Trimmed to match Greek Revival.

  • Added crown molding.

  • Removed wallpaper and painted.

  • Installed new cut glass ceiling lamp at base of stairs and rear ceiling light.

Living Room... approx 29' 3" x 15' (WIDEST POINTS)

  • Restored, sanded, stained and sealed oak floors.

  • Added crown molding.

  • Expanded rear view with larger window.

  • Restored baseboard and casing trim.

  • Painted.


Master Bedroom... approx 19' 3" x 16' 7" (WIDEST POINTS)

  • Formerly a guest bedroom with brick chimney, rear staircase and "bouncy" floor.

  • Removed brick chimney and rear stairs. Installed joists and flooring over stairs opening.

  • Underpinned post in basement to eliminate floor "bounce"

  • Gutted to walls, joists and rafters.

  • Old rafters replaced with new rafters to meet current code.

  • Fully insulated.

  • Added large, rear dormer to significantly expand the room (old room was approx 14' X 12') while adding windows toward river and mountains.

  • Air ducts and drywall added.

  • New wiring, LED pocket lights, master thermostat and heat/smoke detector hard wired.

  • Two closets rebuilt and a third added.

  • All new baseboards, casing trim and plywood sub-flooring.

  • New, wall-to-wall carpet.

  • Sealed opening to kitchen of upper mezzanine (accessed through MBR closet) and added air exchanger.


Front (newer) Bath... approx 8' 1" x 7' 11" (WIDEST POINTS)

  • Formerly a very tiny guest bedroom.

  • Gutted, plumbed and wired.

  • Installed PEC for underfloor, radiant heating

  • Added walk in shower with frameless glass and ceramic tiles.

  • Added ceramic tiles to floor.

  • Installed "Candlelight" custom, double vanity with granite countertop, two Kohler sinks and Sigma faucets.

  • Added Kohler toilet.

  • Added large, framed, wall mirror over vanity.

  • Built Shelving for towels and supplies over sloped floor (above staircase).

  • Added wall sconces, LED pocket lights and quiet exhaust/light.

  • All new drywall, baseboards and window casing.

  • Painted.

Upper Hall...approx 13" 11" X 8' 3" (widest)

  • Removed wallpaper.

  • Painted walls, ceiling and trim.

  • Added ceiling light.

  • Added hard-wired smoke/heat/CO2 alarm.


Front Guest Bedroom... approx 14' 7" x 12'

  • Rewired to new ceiling fixture (removed braided cord wiring).

  • Painted ceiling, walls and trim.

  • Installed four cordless, roman shades.

Rear Guest Bedroom... approx 14' 7" x 13' 5"

  • Formerly the MBR.

  • Rewired to new ceiling fixture (removed braided cord wiring)

  • Removed wallpaper.

  • Painted ceiling, walls and trim.

  • Installed four cordless, roman shades.

Rear Bath... approx 8' 2" x 6' 8"

  • Painted walls, ceiling and trim.

  • Replaced old vanity with new, Kohler, pedestal sink.

  • Replaced sink and tub fixtures with "Phister" units.


Rear Porch... approx 36' 8" x 6'

  • New rear porch was built to move roof water/snow away from the house foundation while providing a lovely place to enjoy summer evenings overlooking the river and gardens.

  • Pressure-treated framing with "Trex" decking.

  • Structural posts were trimmed and painted.

  • New, standing seam, aluminum roof extended to cover new master bedroom dormer.


Barn... approx 33' 2" x 21' 6" (exterior)

  • The base of the rear wall had dropped approximately 6" over many years.

  • Professional renovators raised the post and beam structure, poured a concrete foundation under the damaged portion, repaired beam rot, replaced the bottom of several posts and added a new post.

  • Several floor joists had cracked as a result of the rear wall drop. These were glued and then "sistered" (2" X 8" supports nailed to the joists and tied to the beams with structural brackets).

  • Exterior board and batten sheathing replaced and painted where restoration work took place.




New Bath before and after

Master Bedroom "before"

Master Bedroom "after"

Powder Room

Before and After Front Hall from rear

Dining and Family Rooms